Moslem Extremists are willing to Die for Hatred of Our Country

by maxanonymouse

Destroying America is the intent of Moslem Extremists.  They are coming into our country through our porous borders, both Canada and Mexico.  They have been invited into the White House and the Pentagon.

In a discussion between three ex-government officials, a journalist and Glenn Beck, the topic of why Moslem Extremists are being permitted to infiltrate our country. And why when this topic is broached by any government official, it is immediately called out as Islamophobia.

Joe Schmitz, a former Inspector General defended Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Tim Rooney, and Lynn Westmoreland; it is their Constitutional duty as Representatives of the people to warn the people if there are dangerous people in our government or infiltrating our government.

There was in fact a Moslem Extremist who had infiltrated our Chaplain Program in the Pentagon  According to Schmitz, who was an Inspector General at the time, he recommended to the Pentagon that they check these Chaplains, regardless of religion, with the FBI.  He was told that the Pentagon officials were fearful of doing this because it was a First Amendment issue of Religion and that they would have to rely on IRS checks for these individuals. This was, according to Schmitz, “Political Correctness run amok”. This occurred sometime before 2005.

Andrew McCarthy, a Federal Prosecutor who successfully prosecuted the blind sheikh, explained that his prosecution was based on the fact that the sheikh expounded on doctrinal commands of the Koran and inspired Moslems to commit terrorist acts.  McCarthy was given an award for his prosecutorial skills  in 1995; today, he would be considered an Islamophobe and the speech he used in presenting his case against the sheikh would be considered defamation of the Islam religion. Today, our own government supports criminalizing this kind of speech.

Steven Coughlin, a Pentagon Islamic Specialist, explained how this change in attitude and law came about in such a short period of time (15 years). In the late 1980’s, the International Institute of Islamic Thought (Triple I T) created a word: “Islamophobia”.  This word was adopted as a “Brand” by the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which is the second largest international governmental organization in the world—second only to the United Nations—and in fact, has operational control of the UN. The OIC represents the entire Moslem world at the Head of State level.

In 2005 the OIC developed a 10 year plan to make Defamation of Islam a crime defined according to Islamic Law in every jurisdiction.  The Cartoon of Mohammed and the burning of the Korans in Afghanistan both came under this law. UN Resolution 1618 was the codification of this law; and on July 15, 2011, the US State Department  agreed to help pass this resolution. That resolution passed in December 2011.

Most of the Moslem advisors coming to the US are members of the Moslem Brotherhood.  Louay Safi, a former Pentagon top Islamic Advisor, was involved with many Moslem Brotherhood front groups.  He was one of two endorsers of the Moslem Chaplain Pentagon program referred to above. He was associated with the International Institute of Islamic Thought as well as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)  and he was training our troops regarding Islam at Fort Bliss when the Fort Hood shooting occurred.   Today he is the Political Director for the Syrian National Council which is the Syrian Moslem Brotherhood front group running the war against Assad.

ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case (the largest case in the US in which organizations were found quilty of contributing Millions of dollars to terrorist organizations.)  Safi was also implicated in the Sami AlArian trial .  In a book he published in the US, Safi  revealed the Moslem Brotherhood strategies for infiltration  in the US.

In a document written on October 19, 2011, sent to John Brennan at the White House and signed by every Moslem Brotherhood Front group in America, a Purge and Reeducation were called for. “All Federal government training materials should be Purged of biased Materials and FBI agents need to be reeducated”

Glenn asked the question: Why is this being allowed to occur in the US? The answer from McCarthy and Schmitz was the government has “outsourced” its duty to know these things to These Islamic advisors. The government has no political will to vet these advisors.

Just last week a State Department official (I think) was questioned in the House about who we are at war with.  He refused to say that we are at war wit Violent Moslem Extremists, insisting that Al Qaeda was not a Radical Moslem Extremist group. He kept insisting that it was a horrible group of murderers; but Radical Islam had nothing to do with it.  Officials in this administration refuse to see that terrorism is ideological; they believe that it is caused by something else–preferably something they don’t like; ie Gitmo, Israel etc.

Andrew McCarthy explained that the Moslem Brotherhood  not only understand our culture but they understand our language and the meanings of our words; they use this information to hide their ulterior meanings, and thereby use our words against us.  In 1993 the  Moslem Brotherhood wrote the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights which was ratified by the OIC and approved by the United Nations.   When they say “Human Rights”, Moslems mean Human Rights brought forth through Sharia Law. They don’t mean what we mean by “Human Rights” .

They also don’t have the same meaning for Democracy as we do.  The Moslem Brotherhood mean using the process of Democracy to impose Sharia Law. And because of Sharia Law, Islam is not just a religion. It is an entire social system which controls every facet of one’s life.  By “Freedom” and “Justice” the Moslem Brotherhood mean “Freedom”  from the laws of man and “Justice” according to Sharia.

It is valid for our Representatives to question why these “terrorists” are permitted in the Pentagon, in the FBI buildings, and in the White House and to ask Inspector Generals if proper vetting has been done of such individuals. Andrew McCarthy explains it this way: these “former” terrorists are now part of an elected organization and represent their governments.  It is like a KGB officer taking off his uniform and becoming the President of Russia. To many people, terrorists are regarded as Resistance Fighters; to those people complaints of vetting procedures seem silly.

However, it is necessary to remember that in 1991 the Moslem Brotherhood called for a Grand Jihad that would destroy Western Civilization from within; a Jihad that would eliminate all religions except for Islam.  Are they in the process of this Grand Jihad?

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil”  Thomas Mann